People Are Freaking Out About Donald Trump's L.L. Bean Tweet

Say goodbye to your Bean boots.
"Buy L.L. Bean," says your president-elect.
The Washington Post via Getty Images
"Buy L.L. Bean," says your president-elect.

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted his support for L.L. Bean on Thursday, encouraging his followers to buy the brand after the retailer got mixed up in politics.

Though it appears Trump was trying to direct followers to the retailer’s main account (@LLBean), the president-elect instead linked to Linda Bean’s lifestyle account (@LBPerfectMaine).

The tweet was sent a week after the Associated Press reported that L.L. Bean heiress and board member Linda Bean contributed $60,000 to the pro-Trump PAC Making America Great Again LLC, even though individuals were supposed to be limited to $5,000 contributions.

Consequently, organizers behind the anti-Trump movement Grab Your Wallet asked its followers to boycott L.L. Bean and called for the removal of Bean from the company’s board.

In response to the boycott, L.L. Bean executive chairman Shawn Gorman posted a Facebook message on the company’s page over the weekend saying that the company does not get involved in politics.

“L.L.Bean does not endorse political candidates, take positions on political matters, or make political contributions,” he wrote. “Simply put, we stay out of politics. To be included in this boycott campaign is simply misguided, and we respectfully request that Grab Your Wallet reverse its position.”

Bean responded to the controversy during a Thursday appearance on “Fox and Friends,” referring to the boycott as a case of “bullying.”

“I’m not going to back down. I never back down,” she told viewers. “If I feel I’m right.”

Twitter users responded to Trump’s L.L. Bean tweet with fury on Thursday, calling out the president-elect for promoting a brand on his social media account.

Some tweeted out that they were getting rid of their L.L. Bean purchases, while others promised to boycott:

HuffPost’s own Julia Bush suggested trying out this move:

Ah, politics. Sad!

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