People Are Hilariously Imitating Rihanna Using Her Fenty Body Lava Lotion

"Body lava on a budget," said one Twitter user before slathering themselves in drugstore moisturizer.

Twitter users have taken a video Rihanna posted for her Fenty Beauty product Body Lava and re-created it with laugh-out-loud results.

To backtrack a little, Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, dropped a luminizer called Body Lava in March. The product gives skin a dewy shine and glow.

In debuting the Body Lava, Rihanna posted a video on her social media pages of her squeezing some out on her shoulder and sexily buffing it out with a brush.

People have since been getting, uh, creative in sharing their own versions of “body lava on a budget,” if you will.

Basically, people are slathering random products on their shoulders and using everything from their hands to brooms to “buff” the stuff in. Some are calling it the #RihannaChallenge. It’s weird and delightfully funny:

Rihanna hasn’t publicly addressed any of the videos, but she did “like” this mashup on Twitter, so odds are high that she has good humor about the whole thing.

Regardless, we’re suddenly in the market for some Body Lava...

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