People Are Hilariously Sharing What Happens When Someone Asks: What Do You Do?

The meme of the day is cracking up almost everyone.

A meme running rampant on Twitter features the exchange that happens when one person asks another: “What do you do?”

The question is simple, but the responses often lead to conversations uncomfortable, hilarious, or somewhere in between.

Consider this back and forth that leads to, uh, a chemist breaking bad:

Likely because people are bored, and because tweeting can be done while someone is holding a phone, this meme has taken off like wildfire and has been providing a solid amount of laughs to people on Twitter:

New York magazine’s “The Cut” didn’t find the meme funny, calling it bad because it’s meant to “humblebrag that you have an interesting, complicated, or stressful job.”

“The meme assumes that whatever it is that you do professionally will be misinterpreted, and that your interlocutor, an unsophisticated rube, will immediately respond with an idiotic question or bit of inane advice or thoughts based on their limited and, well, wrong, interpretation of your very cool job,” the publication wrote.

The magazine implored people to stop furthering the meme “immediately.” To that, we say: Live your life, meme-perpetuators. Making small talk is awkward! It feels good to laugh about it and break up the slog that we call existing with memes.

Meme on!

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