People Are Trying To Listen To 'Serial,' So Can You Kindly STFU?


This week, the hit podcast "Serial" came back, so everyone needs to be quiet, because we're all trying to listen and you're making a lot of racket over there.

These people are all trying to listen to "Serial" and you're ruining it. 

  • You seem nice, stranger trying to engage in small talk, but please STFU for "Serial."
    Edwin Remsberg via Getty Images
  • You're great, banjo guy, but please STFU for "Serial."
    Natalie Grono via Getty Images
  • Honey, I love you, but commute time is quiet time, so please STFU for "Serial."
    Brent Winebrenner via Getty Images
  • Thanks for the info, subway loudspeaker announcer, but please STFU for "Serial."
    Chris Clinton via Getty Images
  • I'll gladly give my seat up for an elderly or pregnant woman if it means you'll STFU for "Serial."
    Thomas Pyttel via Getty Images
  • Completely ignoring you should have given you a hint, dude, now please STFU for "Serial."
    JANIFEST via Getty Images
  • Your conversation is louder than the train, so please STFU for "Serial."
    DreamPictures via Getty Images
  • I think my shirt is cool too, that's why I wore it, now please STFU for "Serial."
    @ Christopher J. Bandera via Getty Images
  • Thanks train voice lady for letting me know the next stop, now please STFU for "Serial."
    Eldad Carin via Getty Images
  • Thanks for the call, mom and dad, but please STFU for "Serial."
    Johner Images via Getty Images
  • OK, serious conversation couple, your conversation is very serious, but please STFU for "Serial."
    Paul Bradbury via Getty Images
  • OK, I get it, field of wheat gently rustling in the breeze, but please STFU for "Serial."
    AleksandarNakic via Getty Images


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