People Are Upset About A Commentator's Remarks About This Olympic Couple

"He’s looking at her wondering what’s for tea!”
This takes "work out couple" to a whole new level.
This takes "work out couple" to a whole new level.

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny have (Olympic) couple goals written all over them.

Both of the British cyclists took home gold medals at the Olympics on Tuesday night, Kenny winning the men’s keirin and Trott winning the women’s omnium. Oh, and they also happen to be in a long-term relationship. 

Between the two of them, Trott and Kenny have 10 Olympic gold medals, five of which were won in Rio. 

Their emotional reunion after they both won gold made us fall in love with the racing duo even more. 

My boyfriend and I compete in the Olympics&nbsp;<i>all</i> the time together.&nbsp;
My boyfriend and I compete in the Olympics all the time together. 

Unfortunately, right after the two tearfully celebrated together BBC commentator Chris Boardman jokingly said: “She’s doing all the emotion for both of them really, he’s looking at her wondering what’s for tea!” 

Many Twitter users were not happy with Boardman’s “what’s for tea” joke and criticized the remark for being sexist. 

Boardman responded to critics, tweeting that the question has “nothing to do with gender.”

Some people on Twitter agreed with him, tweeting that the comment was meant to refer to Kenny’s laid-back nature which the cyclist is known for.

However, others weren’t so convinced.

Maybe it’s best if athletic commentators just stay away from commenting on gender roles altogether.

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