Each View Of This Paw-Some Puppy Video Helps Feed Dogs In Shelters


Puppies have the the magical ability to flip any mood into full on happy.

Purina and SoulPancake, a YouTube channel founded by Rainn Wilson that creates uplifting content, totally get this. So they teamed up to create an adorable video of people at a retirement home, gym and preschool having their days delightfully interrupted by a pack of surprise puppies. The results? Pure paw-someness:


The video itself is pretty precious, but according to a press release, there’s a little more substance to this sweetness. With every view, between March 23 and April 23, Purina promises to donate one pound of its new Puppy Chow Natural formula to Rescue Bank, a nonprofit organization that donates supplies to animal rescues and shelters.


Purina will donate up to 500,000 pounds of food before April 23 and the video has already garnered over 100,000 views. That’s a good chunk of grub for the 3.9 million pups in U.S. shelters, according to the ASPCA.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the doggone video!

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