13 People Who Are Truly Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Earth Day 2015 is upon us, so let's take a moment to remember what we love most about this big, blue marble floating in space: the serene beauty of mother nature. Oh, and when people spell out funny words with rocks.

We should all get out there and enjoy the great outdoors when we have the chance, but some people just really appreciate hiking and camping (and whatever you call staring at your iPhone, but outside) on another level. They don't just go outside, they out of their way to squeeze all the fun they can out of an afternoon outdoors.

The dude who found a bear-proof way to drink in the woods.

The person who turned these rocks into something so much more.

The dedicated people who turned a stream into a work of art.

Or this guy, who decided to take his cat hiking.

The bro that only packed the essentials.

Or the one who accidentally packed a tent for ants.

The friend who makes every camping trip just a liiiiiitle bit weird.

And the person who saw this cliff and decided to "Lion King" the sh*t out of it.

The girl who knows exactly how to terrify mom with one photo.

Or the person who leaves notes like this one for others to find.

The woman who couldn't help but strike a "Costanza" while surrounded by nature.

The person who knows what pine cones are REALLY up to.

And the people who truly know how to rough it.



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