People Fill the Streets for Climate Action in Bangkok

I'm in Bangkok, Thailand this week covering the United Nations' meeting on climate change for the International Climate Action Network and as I'm going down to breakfast, I see thousands of everyday people filling the streets with colorful banners, costumes, megaphones and drums.

They were all there to send a single message to world leaders: Take action on climate change now. The two week United Nation's climate change meeting in Bangkok is an important one. Negotiators representing most of the world's countries are in attendance to work on what the final climate treaty will look like when it's presented to government leaders at the international summit on climate change that is happening in Copenhagen in December.

So what a great way to start the week! Thousands of people all speaking with one voice, to tell their government that they want them to be leaders on climate change is an important equation in the formula that will get us all a fair, ambitious and binding deal in Copenhagen.

Here's some quick video I shot. It was very cool to see TckTckTck logos everywhere.