These Are The People Missing In The EgyptAir Plane Crash

The airline says 66 people were aboard the Airbus A320.

The names of those on board EgyptAir Flight MS804, which crashed en route from Paris to Cairo on Thursday, are surfacing as friends and family gather at airports in both cities to wait for information about their loved ones.

EgyptAir has confirmed that there were 56 passengers and 10 crew members on board, among them 30 Egyptian citizens,15 French nationals and citizens from Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Chad, Iraq, Kuwait, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the U.K.

Here are the people officially identified as having been on the flight so far:

Ahmed Helal, 40
Ahmed Helal/LinkedIn
Helal was the director of Procter & Gamble's location in Amiens, France. The company and France's secretary of state for the elderly, Pascale Boistard, confirmed that Helal was on board the flight. He had worked for the multinational firm since 2000 and had been stationed in Amiens since 2014.

“We are shocked, Ahmed was a friend to us,” one P&G Amiens employee told French television station BFMTV. He was a "respected manager and appreciated for his human qualities," Boistard said in a statement.

Helal, originally from Egypt, was returning to Cairo to see his ailing father, according to Le Courrier Picard.
Mahamat Seitchi
Facebook/Seitchi Mahamat
Seitchi, a cadet at France's elite military academy, Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, was returning to his home country of Chad to mourn the death of his mother, Chad's Ambassador to France confirmed. He had been completing his second year, a school spokesman told The Wall Street Journal. Friends and loved ones in Chad were devastated by the news, according to "He had so many projects and ambitions," his friend Mahamat Saleh Oumar told the website.
Richard Osman (left), 40
Facebook/Mostafa Mohamed Talaat
Osman is believed to have been on the flight, according to an interview his brother Alastair Osman gave to ITV. The 40-year-old, who lived in the United Kingdom, worked as a geologist for the Centamin mining company, the BBC reported. His father had originally moved to South Wales from Egypt. Alastair Osman called him a kind, loving and admirable person. He and his wife had just welcomed a second baby girl three weeks ago, his brother added. "He's a new dad," he said. "A dad for the second time now and I know that would have filled him with love and joy." Others paid tribute on social media to the geologist. "One of the reasons why I work in Mining was the support I got from Richard Osman," his colleague wrote on Facebook.
Abdulmohsen al Muteiri
KUNA News Agency
Al-Muteiri was confirmed as another one of the plane's passengers by the Kuwaiti Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, Sami al-Hamad. The economics professor was headed to Cairo for a conference, the Guardian reported. “We had called him just before he boarded and everything was fine, he was excited to be coming to Cairo,” his nephew Michery el Soheil added.
Faycal Bettiche, Nouha Saoudi, Mohamed and Joumana Bettiche
A Franco-Algerian couple and their two children were also among the flight's passengers, Algerian foreign affairs ministry spokesman Benali Cherif Abdelaziz said Thursday. They lived in the French city of Angers and were merchants, according to They were headed to Egypt on their long-awaited vacation, BFMTV reported.
Mohamed Mamdouh Assem, 24
Facebook/Mohamed Mamdouh Assem
Assem, the plane's co-pilot, had logged 2,766 flying hours with EgyptAir, the airline said Thursday. He had no known political affiliations, the airline added, and had passed all background security checks. A friend referred to him as "the most beautiful soul I've ever met in my whole life" in a Facebook post. He had "wanted to be a pilot since he was 5," his childhood friend told The Daily Beast.
Mohamed Shoukair, 36
Facebook/Mohamed Shoukair
Shoukair, the flight's pilot, had logged nearly 6,300 hours of flying time and had no known political affiliations, EgyptAir said on Thursday. The pilot had been with EgyptAir since 2004, according to his Facebook profile. Shoukair was kind and responsible, a Cairo airport official told The New York Times.
Geert Supré, 56
LinkedIn/Geert Supre
Supré worked as the Europe regional finance director at Vanguard Logistics Services in Belgium, where he lived with his wife and three children. The company confirmed he was a passenger on the plane via Facebook on Friday. He had worked for Vanguard for more than eight years and was "a greatly respected and well liked colleague," the statement added. The 56-year-old often traveled for work and was headed to Cairo for meetings, the news site RTL Info reported. Supré was originally from a small village in Flanders and his hometown held a moment of silence for him Thursday night.
Salah Abu-Laban, Sahar Quaider, Ghassan Abu-Laban and Reem As-Saba'ee
Facebook/Osman Abou Laban
Salah Abu-Laban and his wife Sahar Quaider, son Ghassan and daughter-in-law Reem As Saba'ee had been traveling together, wrote film director Osman Abu Laban, Abu-Laban's nephew, on Facebook. Osman took part in funeral prayers for his relatives at a Cairo mosque on Friday and was seen sobbing into an imam's arms. "Oh Lord, have mercy and forgive them, and make their final resting place up in paradise," Abu Laban wrote.
Marwa Hamdy
Hamdy, a mother of three and project manager at IBM, was also headed to Cairo, her friend said. EgyptAir also confirmed the news about the Canadian native to the Toronto Star. She had been visiting her sister in Paris, having moved to Egypt several years ago, per CTV News. "She is also a mother for three young boys,” another friend, Mariam Emara told CNN. "She used to give lectures and group meditation sessions to help people overcome their fears ... and just enjoy life. She was very helpful and supportive to everyone."
Monique Dalle
Monique Dalle, a member of the Parisian congregation of the Living Church of God, was traveling to Cairo to visit her daughter Esther, the church posted on Facebook. Dexter Wakefield, a minister with the Living Church of God in North Carolina, told The Huffington Post that she was a regular at their Parisian congregation. He said her family asked for privacy as they sought answers. “She’s a very pleasant and outgoing woman dedicated to her faith,” he added.
Pascal Hess, 50
Citing local news outlets, the Associated Press reports that Hess almost missed Flight 804. The French freelance music photographer had misplaced his passport, but found it right before the plane took off.

A 2010 YouTube video (above) shows Hess talking about the excitement of photographing rock concerts.
Ahmed al Ashry and Reham Mosad
Facebook/Leaders' College
Al Ashry and Mosad were returning home to Cairo after a month-long stay in Paris, their children's school, Leaders' College, confirmed on Facebook Friday.

Mosad, who was a teaching assistant at the school, was being treated for a "malignant disease" in France. According to the school's Facebook post, al Ashry said he was accompanying his wife because "if something happens to her I can't imagine how I would live, either we live together or die together and I can't imagine what life would be without her."

They had three children -- Adam, Salma and Aliya.

Sahar Khoga, 52

Khoga, a Saudi woman, had worked at her country's embassy in Cairo for 13 years. She had been in Paris to check on her 22-year-old daughter's cancer treatment there, according to the AP. Khoga was reportedly on that trip with several other family members, including her sister and her sons, but they had returned two days before the crash.

João Silva, 62

Silva, a husband and father of four, was a civil engineer with Mota-Engil based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Portuguese newspaper Correio de Manha reports.

Mohammed Saleh Zayada, 62

Zayada was traveling through Egypt to mourn his mother, who died four days before the crash, according to the AP. The UNESCO scholar leaves behind a wife and four children in France.

Pierre Heslouin, 74

Heslouin, a Frenchman, was traveling to spend time with his 41-year-old son, and leaves behind four other children and nine grandchildren.

"He was a man of great quality who, outside of his professional obligations, had social and associative engagements," a friend said on Facebook. "You will stay in our memories and our hearts."

This is a developing story and will be updated.


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