People In Famous Paintings Who Are Too Hangry To Deal With You Today

They're hungry. They're angry. They're hangry.

Sometimes, life makes you hangry.

<a href="">Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, "At the Caf&ea

This baby is hangry.

<a href="">Ludwig Knaus, "Mein Napf ist l

This vampire is hangrier.

<a href="">Edvard Munch, "Vampi

Saturn is hangriest.

<a href=",_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1819-1823).jpg">Francisco Go

Man: "Bernice, put your clothes back on and we'll think about serving the cheese."
Bernice: "I'M HANGRY."

<a href="">&Eacute;douard Mane


<a href="">Mary Cassatt, "Five O'Clock Tea,"

Excuse everyone in this painting, they've gone hinsane.

<a href="">Bartolomeo Passarotti, "Merry

"Isabella, Bill is so hangry, he's weirdly threatening you with his leg."

<a href="">John Everett Millais, "Isabella," 1849<

Quick, give them all the ricotta. Their smiles are full of hangriness.

<a href="">Vincenzo Campi

Salome is all of us when we're hangry.

<a href="">Caravaggio, "Salome with the Head of John the Ba

These guys were hangry fighting for a while, but without sustenance, they gave up mid-brawl.

<a href="">Pieter Brueghel the Elder, "The Lan

Every. Single. Person ... at this ice-cold picnic gathering is hangry.

<a href="">John Everett Millais, "Apple Blo

Gorilla looks hangry to me.

<a href="">Gustav Klimt, "Der Beethovenfries" (detail),&nbsp;1902</a>

No one saw it coming, but Mildred was truly hangry. R.I.P. Doodles.

<a href="">P

The exact moment someone is hungry and angry.

<a href="">Antoine Gustave Droz, "Rai

Oh, that owl is definitely hangry.

<a href="">George Willia

With only fruit and vegetables in sight, Lisa is f**king hangry.

<a href="Pieter Aertsen (circa 1508&ndash;1575) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q326548 Title Market Scene Des

He got so hangry his face turned into chicken. 

<a href="">Giuseppe Arcimboldo, "The Jurist," 1566</a>

Even the fish are hangry.

<a href="">Bartolomeo Passarotti, "The Fi

The original #hangry people. End scene.

<a href="">Vincent van Gogh, "The

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