People In Scuba Gear Chase Google Street View Car With Pitchforks (PHOTOS)

UPDATE 2/11/2010: HuffPost Tech readers have written in to tell us a bit more about what went on with this pitchfork run-in with the Google Street View car.

Christine A. and commenter Norwegian Dude (see below) tell us that the two suba-wearing pranksters knew the driver of the car, and did it as a prank. Check out an interview with them here (in Norwegian).

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Anti-Google sentiment has been on the rise in Europe, and so have pranks on Google.

We recently wrote about a group of pantless Germans who pranked the Google Steet View car by flashing it when it drove by.

Now it seems that more mischief-makers--this time from Norway--are causing a ruckus.

Two Norwegians dressed in scuba gear ambushed a Google Street View car when it passed them in Bergen, Norway.

As the series of pictures below demonstrate, the duo waited on lawn chairs, then, when the Google Street View car finally puttered by, got up and chased after the car (and camera) while waving a pitchfork in the air.

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported on the Google car fracas. (Read the auto-translated version here.)

It's not clear from the newspaper report what motivated the pitchfork ambush, although it coincides with growing distrust in Europe for Google. Privacy advocates, concerned citizens, and even government officials have expressed concern with Google Street View, which they believe may violate privacy rights. As NBC reports, 'The European Union wants Google to notify citizens of its 27 member states before it takes a picture of them or their property.'

See the drysuit-wearing camera assailants on Google Maps, or check out pictures in the slideshow below.