People Reportedly 'Jumping, Falling' Off Cairo Bridge To Escape Gunfire In Egypt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

As many sought to escape the violence that rang out on the streets of Cairo Friday, some risked life and limb to avoid gunfire.

In photos and videos shared on social media, people are seen jumping and falling off a Cairo bridge.

Sarah Carr, a journalist who is on the ground in Cairo, described the scene in a series of tweets.

"People are jumping, falling off the bridge," she wrote, later clarifying: "This is 6 October bridge by azbakeya police station. There is shooting from the station and they were shot at from behind."

Others in the area shared reports that people were jumping from the May 15 bridge.

El Badil News also shared a video (seen above) that shows people climbing over the railing of the bridge and trying to use a cable wire to slide down to the ground below. Though some are successful, others appear to lose their foothold and fall.

BBC's Hugh Sykes confirmed the reports that people were jumping to escape gunfire, explaining in a tweet that both sides were dressed as civilians.

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