People Love That Adam Levine's Super Bowl Shirt Looked Like Pillows, Curtains

The Maroon 5 frontman's shirt matched the print on housewares purchased from stores including Target and Walmart.

The Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday was mostly a snooze-fest, but the shirt Adam Levine wore during it ― for the limited time he wore one, at least ― went viral on Twitter.

As Maroon 5 took us back to 2002 and played some hits from the album “Songs About Jane,” Levine rocked a geometric-print tank top from Dries Van Noten that bore a striking resemblance to the print on many pillows and curtains in homes across America.

Many owners of said pillows and curtains began sharing photos of the items next to a tank top-clad Levine:

One poster said she purchased the pillow (and matching curtains, seen below) from Target, but Jenni Chilton Dodson told HuffPost she purchased hers about five years ago from Furniture Factory Outlet.

Target curtains owned by Dana Bass Glass.
Target curtains owned by Dana Bass Glass.
Dana Bass Glass

Heather Freed told HuffPost her pillow was the Better Homes & Gardens Circles and Squares Decorative Throw Pillow in Brown from Walmart, and that she purchased it about three years ago.

A quick perusal of the Target and Furniture Factory Outlet websites did not make it immediately clear if the pillow or curtains are still for sale. HuffPost has reached out to Target for further comment.

“That pattern was apparently very popular at one time,” Dodson said, adding that she couldn’t stop laughing when she noticed the coincidence.

“It had just [popped] out of my mouth that his shirt was the ugliest thing I had ever seen!” she said. “And then I glanced at at my couch. ... We just about died laughing!!”

Freed felt differently about the pillows and has even purchased them more than once: “We have replaced them once with the same because they are comfy!!!”

However you may feel about the homewares or Levine’s milquetoast performance, one thing is certain: The internet is a magical place.

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