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People On Twitter Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They've Ever Cried Over

"I once cried because I couldn’t get my eyebrows to look the same."

There’s nothing wrong with a good cry, even when it’s over something totally ridiculous.

On Monday, BuzzFeed UK beauty and lifestyle editor Tolly Shoneye kickstarted a discussion about the mini meltdowns people have over the most minor, seemingly insignificant things.

“I once cried because I couldn’t fit all my things in my bag,” she admitted. “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve cried about?

People were quick to chime in with their embarrassing cry moments, like this woman, who cried after getting lost in a shopping mall.

Or this Twitter user, who knows just how real the struggle is to get your brows as even as humanly possible:

Many of the confessions involved people being hangry:

Others were a little more profound. We’ll give you a moment to let this sad, sad thought sink in:

For what it’s worth, a good cry ― even over something silly like a sad movie or uneven brows ― can be therapeutic. A 2015 Netherlands study showed that while crying leads to a dip in mood immediately after the crying session, about 90 minutes later, criers reported feeling even better than they did before they had reason to shed a tear.

Scroll down for more “oh, wow, I can’t believe I cried over that” confessions and head to the comments to share your own mini meltdown moments.