People Really Don't Know That Women Actually Invented Things

Now's your chance to learn.

If this video is anything to go by, New Yorkers need a serious refresher course on women in history.

In the video created by MAKERS, a host asks people on the street who made a certain historical discovery, letting them choose between the woman who actually did it and a fictional man. Unsurprisingly, most respondents assumed that the men were the creators.

"Hmm," one participant says when asked who invented the fire escape, inventor Anna Connelly or '90s heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas. "I'm feeling like [whoever invented] the first fire escape could be a woman, but is probably a man." Spoiler alert: She's wrong.


This lighthearted video reminds us that women's contributions to history just aren't as well known -- something that seriously needs to change. Because #HerStoryIsHistory, too.

Historic Images Of Women Voting

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