13 Rejected Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Cringe

"I was proposed to and I said no ... in front of my entire family."
If you're going to say "no" to a proposal, there's a right tack to take.
If you're going to say "no" to a proposal, there's a right tack to take.

It takes a lot of courage and determination to ask someone to marry you ― but it’s arguably just as hard to turn down a proposal.

There’s definitely a right way to go about saying “no,” though, as wedding planner and columnist Sandy Malone wrote in a Huffington Post Weddings blog in 2014.

”Be gracious and be kind and think about how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot,” she advised. “No matter why you’re not accepting the proposal, or are putting the kibosh on the engagement, at one time you loved this person enough that he decided to propose to you and ask you to spend the rest of your life with him. Keep that in mind, and even though you’re certainly hurting too, be as courteous as possible.”

That may be the end goal of a rejected proposal, but in real life, it’s usually a little messier and more complicated than that. Below, men and women on the secret-sharing app Whisper share their personal stories of marriage proposals that ended in a “no” ― some definitely handled better than others.

I proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years last weekend. Candles, rose petals, the whole nine yards. I even got her a kitten with a ring tied around his neck. She said no.
He proposed to me, but I like the idea of being married more than I actually want to be, so I said no.
Boyfriend proposed and I said no because of his job. I love him. But I will never be ok with a long distance marriage.
My bf proposed me two weeks ago and I said no I can
I proposed to my boyfriend and he said no because he wants to do it ��
My boyfriend proposed. I said no because I know he wants a family and for me to stay home with them. I want to have a career not kids
He proposed... I said no. Not because I don
My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. I recently proposed to him and he said no. Am I stupid for sticking around?
I was proposed to and I said no...in front of my entire family.
My boyfriend proposed to me but I said no because he has a daughter. I
Proposed to my girlfriend last night. She said no and confessed she was cheating on me with her ex from high school. FML
Boyfriend proposed. I said no because he
My boyfriend proposed to me over text.. I never replied
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