People Think Taylor Swift’s New Video Is A Rip-Off Of A Spike Jonze Ad

Side-by-side shots of the singer's “Delicate” video and the director’s Kenzo perfume ad do look very similar.

Taylor Swift, who has been called a snake and Regina George in sheep’s clothing in the past, is now being called another offensive animal-oriented nickname — a copycat.

On Monday, the musician released the video for her song, “Delicate,” and it didn’t take Twitter users long to point out that it looks pretty similar to a nearly 4-minute ad Spike Jonze directed for Kenzo World perfume in 2016 starring actress Margaret Qualley.

Many users made the case by taking screen grabs of both the video and the short film ― and placing them side by side.

In the video and the ad, Swift and Qualley both make silly faces and dance awkwardly throughout a fancy venue wearing gowns. Many of their dance moves are similar as well.

Although the video and ad aren’t completely identical, they are conceptually alike.

The video for “Delicate,” directed by her frequent collaborator Joseph Kahn, is about an international celebrity — in this case, Swift — who suddenly becomes invisible to the masses while attending a fancy event.

The idea of not being seen is so freeing for Swift that she joyously tears off part of her long gown, kicks off her shoes and dances barefoot à la Maddie Ziegler-style through the venue, the subway and then in a city street in the rain.

In Jonze’s ad, Qualley excuses herself from a fancy event. Though she is not rendered invisible, the idea of leaving and finding herself alone in the huge venue is so liberating that she begins to crazily dance throughout the space (and at one point, shoots lightning from her fingers, because, why not?).

So far, no word from Swift or Kahn about the commentary surrounding the similarities.

HuffPost reached out to Swift, Jonze and Kahn for comment, but did not receive a response before the publication of this article.

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