The Woman Who Cleaned Trump's Hollywood Star Inspired A New Meme

Having fun with "Nothing but respect for MY president."

President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star gets vandalized a lot. Like, seriously, a lot. 

One woman took it upon herself to clean up the star and post photos of it on Twitter. Now, that’s actually a really sweet thing to do. Maintenance people work really hard to maintain that star, and then there’s the expense of having to constantly replace and clean the darn thing. 

“Stopped to clean Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President. ,” she captioned her photos. 

So of course, people said some rude things about the tweet and the girl. Maybe the tone of the caption rubbed them the wrong way. Maybe some people really just hate Trump (imagine that?).

But we’re not interested in any of that.

The post also inspired a bunch of people to recreate the image with their own flair and that’s what we care about. There are some truly funny gems in here. 

Seriously, we’re just in this for the memes. 

Unfortunately, not everyone could make the cut here, but we’d like to give special attention to this little guy.