People With Disabilities Are Voters, Not Media Props, In This Election

While disability has been gaining attention throughout the course of this election cycle, there is so much more that can be done to focus on key issues that affect the disability community. As a Rooted in Rights Storyteller, I created this video as a call to action for all candidates, voters, and media makers to include disability rights in their messaging in a meaningful way. We need to be talking about substantial topics that affect all people with disabilities, especially people whose disability identity intersects with other minority identities. From employment to affordable and accessible housing, from Social Security to mental health care, from the incarceration of people with disabilities to subminimum wage, there are so many crucial issues to address! 

There is so much at stake for people with disabilities this election, and so while this video is meant to hold people accountable, it is also intended to propel conversations and encourage both candidates and voters with and without disabilities to recognize the importance of disability issues. It’s time to ask the questions and have the conversations about disability that really matter.

This video was produced through the Rooted in Rights Storytellers Project.  To see more videos visit: