7 People With Incredibly Talented Fingers

There are some people who seem to have more talent in their little pinky than most have in their entire body. Okay, that's not totally true. Unless you're a world class athlete made out of nothing but pinkies. Which is rather disturbing to think about. Don't think about that. Instead, check out these videos which will put your pathetic little digits to shame.

This guy's fingers breakdance and do interior design better than people with a whole body at their disposal.

Oh, having trouble with pushups? Well, maybe instead of using your hands you should start with just one finger and build from there. Just kidding, don't try that. It will end badly.

Playing the piano is hard. Playing the drums is hard. Playing both at the same time with your fingers while pretty lights flash back at you? Watch artist M4SONIC remix "Alive" by Empire Of The Sun double-handedly and judge for yourself.

This guy does some amazing speed finger painting.

This artist also does some amazing finger painting, of the "digit"-al variety. Eh? EH? Sorry...

Here's some Rubik's Cube love. 5.66 seconds, not bad. Check out the full video, if only to watch Rubik's Cubists try to socialize.

No words for this. Absolutely no words. (Except for those.)

Honestly, throw your fingers away. They're just sitting there on your hands, freeloading. Playing video games all day and grabbing all the food in your fridge. Tell them to get a job.



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