This Pep Talk Generator Is Here To Fix Your Bad Day

You've got this.

PSA: You're really, really awesome. But on the days you don't feel so great, this pep talk generator is here to help.

Created by designer Kara Haupt and developer Paige Lewis, the tool gives you randomized words of encouragement with one click of a button, for whenever you're feeling down:

Babe Vibes

The pep talks cover everything from failures and anxiety to friendships and vulnerability. The insights are just a few sentences long, addressed directly to the reader. You can click through as many as you'd like until you reach one that resonates with your current life circumstances.

Think of the pep talk generator as the Internet's way of giving you uplifting self-affirmations. Or as a decent alternative to a loving-kindness meditation, which studies show can help ease the effects of self criticism. Research also shows self acceptance is paramount to a happier life, but it's a habit many of us practice the least.

Babe Vibes

Ready for a little positive chat with yourself? Check out the pep talk generator at for more inspirational insights and supportive words. Then go conquer the world with confidence -- because after all, you are pretty awesome.

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