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Pepe Aguilar Talks Wife's Kidnapping And More On Mario Lopez's 'One On One' (VIDEO)


Pepe Aguilar will sit down for exclusive interview with Mario Lopez to talk about the experiences that have changed his life.

The four-time Grammy Award and three-time Latin Grammy Award winning artist will open up about everything from his father’s death and the lesson it taught him, to his wife’s kidnapping. He also talks about how Jennie Rivera’s death affected him.

He told Lopez that his father’s passing, singer-songwriter Antonio Aguilar, made him grow up.

You had a lot of preconceptions about death, we all do and when it happens you actually see it as no big deal, as part of life.

Aguilar also talks about the terror he felt when his brother and wife were kidnapped in Mexico. He said he was scared when called his wife and she didn’t pick up and when she finally did she told him something that made no sense.

It was the type of kidnapping that they’re calling them “express kidnappings.” What they do is they kidnap you and they put you in the trunk of your car just drive you around take your car, take your money, go to the ATM get all the money they have and then after 4-5 hours drop you in the middle of nowhere.

He talks about the loss he felt from the death of his colleague, the late Jenni Rivera. Rivera died late last year with six other people in a plane crash over Mexico. She was buried three weeks later on December 31 in Long Beach, Calif.

I was in Indonesia when I heard that news and it was it was a very bad day for me… I really felt it so, but more than feeling scared and going to a corner to cry it made me realize how short life is, how fast it can go away and how lucky we are to be alive.

The “One on One” interview airs on NuvoTV on Tuesday, September 10 at 10 p.m. Watch the preview to Pepe Aguilar’s interview with Mario Lopez below:

Pepe Aguilar’s up-close interview with Mario Lopez

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