Pepper Schwartz showed early promise as a sexologist

I made Dr. Pepper Schwartz laugh when I asked her if she had grown up dreaming of being a sexologist. She made me laugh when she answered that she had not, but she "showed early promise" when she saved a friend from the flames of hell for masturbation by sharing a book her mother left her among the linens.

"You are not going to hell, you're going to the linen closet!"

If you didn't know that AARP had an Official Love and Relationship Ambassador -- I didn't either -- learn about it on Episode 5 of the OUR BETTER HALF podcast, where we also meet an amazing couple who have not only survived facing cancer of the vulva but are having "the best sex of our lives" despite a radical vulvectomy. We also chat with Rebecca Jane Weinstein, the author of the book Fat Sex.

I've been thrilled, in the past few weeks, to hear that my quirky little podcast project about sex over 50 has had the following unexpected effects:

  • A friend listening in the car missed her turn and didn't realize it for miles down the road. My bad.

  • A couple married for at least three decades had their first conversation about swinging. I probably owe them the cost of marriage counseling now.
  • My kids' friends have stopped saying "gross" about their parents and grandparents being sexual people. Well, at least not in earshot.
  • My email queue is NSFW. And not just the spam.
  • Nearly every conversation has the risk of double-entendre. From "Excited to meet you" to "Come back soon!"
  • A friend not yet ready to share the podcast with her husband plays it on headphones with a "dummy screen" of a golf show. Golf! The anti-sex sport.
  • And my husband bought me a certain pretty ring depicting a certain pretty anatomical feature for Valentine's Day after I dropped that hint in Episode 3. I may not be making big bucks for the series but I can no longer say that I haven't received any bling!

    And by the way, honey, I'm now planning episodes on the newest John Cooper Works Mini, luxe treehouses, and a series on art deco rings. As soon as I figure out a connection to sex over fifty... Wait: I just did!