Bitterly Divided Nation Takes Moment Off To Hate S**tty Pepsi Ad Together

We the people of the United States can all agree this ad kind of sucks, right?

NEW YORK ― The bitterly divided United States of America put their differences aside for a brief moment on Tuesday to just kind of sit around and hate that heinous Pepsi ad together for a little while.

In a statement, the beverage company said it hoped the ad would help “people from different walks of life [come] together in a spirit of harmony.” The ad did just that, as conservatives and liberals agreed en masse that, hey, this shit kind of blows, right?

At a time when the left and right have found it increasingly difficult to find common ground, the Pepsi ad allowed activists like DeRay McKesson‏ and Bernice A. King and conservative sites like The Federalist alike to take a moment to just step back and appreciate that at least they had nothing to do with this giant metaphorical pile of poop.

The ad features a man playing cello on a roof and Kendall Jenner marching through a crowd of protestors while a photographer in hijab takes photos of her. Jenner eventually hands a can of Pepsi to a police officer, after which everyone forgets whatever they are protesting about and starts celebrating. The Arabic word for “love” was also written wrong on a poster. I mean, c’mon.


Who wouldn’t hate such a cynical attempt to profit off diversity and social movements by way of a member of the Kardashian clan? No one, it ends up.

Even Pepsi eventually decided they didn’t like the ad. It was pulled Wednesday. Back to hating one another.

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