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Pepsi White, Orange-Flavored Clear Cola, To Get December 11 Release In Japan


Japanese blog NariNari reports that Pepsi's Japanese distributor, whiskey maker Suntory, just announced plans to release a clear, tangerine flavored version of its flagship cola called Pepsi White on December 11. As you can see in the picture above, the labels are decorated with a variety of colorful snowmen, which NariNari (through Google Translate) says are meant to celebrate "the joy of winter." The soda will only be available in Japan, and will retail for 140 yen, about $1.75 at Wednesday exchange rates.

English-language East Asian news site Rocket 24 notes that mandarin oranges are associated with the New Year in Japan, which helps explain the timing of the release.

Pepsi White will be just the latest of many limited-edition Pepsi flavors Suntory will have released in Japan in recent years. Some others have included Pepsi Pink, Pepsi Black, Pepsi Salty Watermelon and Pepsi Ice Cucumber.

It's not even the first Japanese soft drink ever to be called "Pepsi White." Way back in autumn 2008, evidently before Suntory started keeping track of its products' names, the company released a yogurt-flavored cola that went by that same name.

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