Perceive, Reflect, Renew


I don't understand human life. Do you? Does anyone? We are searching... in the dark, groping for straws to hold onto.

Science has uncovered many laws in Nature. We know that the Sun will rise each morning, and set each evening. We know that a seed needs to get proper nutrients to grow into a tree. We know that a baby will be born in nine months, if all goes well. We know that all living creatures will die one day.

If human beings were nothing more than biologically advanced apes, life would be easier. We could behave as animals: propagate, be aggressive to protect our turf, go after pleasure whenever and wherever the desire pulls. Boast if we are in power, meekly hide or run away if we are weak. And all would be well. There would be no voice inside saying: "This is not fair. We are all equal. We need to take care of each other so we can all be happy, and live in a loving community."

The voice of consciousness. "Ay, there's the rub," ponders Hamlet. The drop of Light that distinguishes us from other mammals. A most precious gift enabling us to see beyond the dense matter. Alas! We toss it around as fire, and burn forests, fields, houses, humans. We inflate it inside to explode in anger, rage, violence, or implode in depression, even suicide. Yet, the voice of consciousness still continues to whisper to us. It doesn't go away. It can't: it's eternal. We try to overpower its messages with noise and more noise. We attempt to drown the inner Light in shadows by making artificial lighting brighter and shinier. To no avail, we only disturb our sleep.

You see, what I don't understand is why humans pour so much energy into hating and destroying the divine present, instead of loving and nourishing it. Yes, let the physical senses soak in the riches of the world. Be grateful that we are capable to consciously perceive sights, sounds, smells, tastes. That we can mindfully touch and be touched. But don't leave the treasures lying at the door. Process them through the finer senses of the Soul. Contemplate the patterns, feel the meaning, act in Love. Perceive. Reflect. Renew.

The materialistic approach to life turned giving into an empty gesture. We tend to buy a thing, get it wrapped prettily, deposit it in front of the other person. And we often receive it without opening the inner door. A gift gets a heartless thank you, passes across our hands, and lands in a dark closet or moldy basement or dusty attic. We rarely unwrap it. Use it? Highly unlikely.

What is the point of the present if we don't engage with it? Yes, I mean "present" as the time of Now, as well as the item or service given. The Source offered all a gift: the same at the core, but addressed individually to each one of us. Are we finally ready to receive it? Are we willing to peel its layers? Are we mature enough to persevere until we find the essence? Are we capable to perceive with empathy, reflect in compassion, renew with Love?

The purpose of the present is to have a conscious experience. Our true presence in the Now nourishes the divine offering. The soulful engagement strengthens the Spirit. It's time to enliven our inner flame. Shine the Light with compassion. Allow your Highest Self embrace you in Love. May the shadows disappear into the brightness of the Soul.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How will you share your unique divine gift with the world?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.