Perez Hilton: The Moment I Knew I Was Gay (VIDEO)

The Moment I Knew I Was Gay: Perez Hilton

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has joined the ranks of contributors to our exciting new project, "The Moment I Knew."

In the new clip, Perez tells us about the life-defining moment which made him realize he was gay. "The moment I knew was around the age of six," Perez, who HuffPost Latino Voices has named one of the top gay Latino activists, explains. "While most little boys played sports and things like the age of six, I thought it was fun to roll around naked in the dirt with the boy who lived next door."

While the experience may sound naughty, Perez stresses that the experience "was absolutely innocent," but made him realize he "was not like other boys" at an early age.

But this project won't stop with Perez. Here on HuffPost Gay Voices we've suggested that you tell us about "The Moment I Knew I Was Gay / Lesbian / Bi / Transgender / Queer / Gender-Nonconforming / Etc..."

We'd love to hear (and share) your story of the first time you became aware of your sexuality or gender and how it did or didn't align with what your family, your friends, society, or even you expected. It's really easy to contribute!

You can create your video using YouTube or Vimeo and send the link/URL of the video to If you create your video using your laptop or mobile phone and have a video file, please attach the file in an email to Your video submission is subject to our User Terms.

Please make sure to include your full name with your video submission. Each video should be 30-60 seconds long, and should feature only you, speaking right into the camera telling your story. Please start your story with the words "The moment I knew..."

We can't wait to hear from you!

And if you have any questions, please email

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