Perez May Not Use X17's Pictures, But He Can Still Rip Them Off

Perez May Not Use X17's Pictures, But He Can Still Rip Them Off

Good spies or just pretending?

Internet blogger Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira) is known for posting paparazzi shots. But, since behemoth agency X17 filed a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement last December, Lavandeira has not posted any of theirs. Unfortunate for a self-styled gossip queen, considering X17 had the only shots of Lindsay Lohan passed out in a car back in May that blanketed every newspaper and glossy around the world.

But not taking their photos doesn't mean Lavandeira can't take advantage of their website. posts pictures and tidbits throughout the day, and today at 7:55 am posted pictures of Kevin Federline at a Justin Timberlake concert.

At 12:05 pm Lavenderia posted this:

Spotted: Kevin Federline at the Justin Timberlake concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, two days after Jamie Lynne Spears went to catch the show as well.

But spotted by whom?

Yesterday X17 published pictures and details about Britney Spear's night of clubbing at 8:21 am.
At 9:13 am Lavandeira published this passive voiced tidbit:

She went out partying!

Yup, Britney was spotted partying it up at Winston's and Hyde in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

All her enablers fans are right. We're too hard on Brit Brit. We hope she drank a lot and did a bunch of drugs last night! She's had a stressful couple of days! She deserves to unwind!!

Lavandeira may not take X17's photos, but it seems he can still take their work.

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