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The Perfect Formula For Brewing Coffee, Down To The Gram

Never drink another bad cup.

There's no doubt that coffee culture has reached an unprecedented level of snobbery. But that elitism also happens to produce one fine cup of java. Anyone who loves coffee (and we're pretty sure that's everyone reading this) knows that a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is a taste of heaven on earth.

While it's true that we'll drink weak coffee no matter how disappointing it is, and we'll drink coffee that's so strong it makes us feel nauseous (because at the end of the day, bad coffee is better than no coffee), we're all in search of that perfect cup. And we just found a chart made by Roasty that shows us how to brew it -- whether brewing one cup or 12.

The folks at Roasty recommend using a kitchen scale to achieve the perfect amount, but they understand that not everyone can embrace that level of coffee nerdery, so they offer many measurement options as you can see above. The ratios are not absolute -- all coffee drinkers have their personal preference -- but following them will get you the closest to a universally enjoyed cup of joe.

Until you feel you can brew a perfect cup with your eyes closed, we suggest printing out the chart and taping it to the fridge. Also, head on over to Roasty for more tips on brewing the perfect cup.

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