Perfect Grilled Cheese Formula Devised By The Royal Society Of Chemistry

It's science, O.K.?

Scientists at the U.K.'s Royal Society of Chemistry recently teamed up with the British Cheese Board on a delicious assignment: devising a formula for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

"To determine our formula we carried out a series of tests on the grilling conditions, changing just one variable at a time -- just as a scientist would carry out tests in the lab," said the society's science executive Ruth Neale in a press release. "To measure what makes the 'perfect' cheese on toast we looked at three different components -- the consistency of the temperature of the melted cheese across the slice, the texture of the cheese, and the taste."

The society determined that the perfect sandwich is made by melting 50 grams (.11 pounds) of a sliced hard cheese, like cheddar, on a slice of white bread that's 10 millimeters (.39 inches) thick under a grill. The cheese and toast should remain a distance of 18 centimeters (7.09 inches) from a heat source at 115 degrees Celsius (239 degrees Fahrenheit).

Granted, the answer to what makes a great grilled cheese sandwich is highly subjective. What if someone prefers a soft cheese? Or determines how good a sandwich is by how thick the cheese is? Or isn't British, and has a difficult time using metric measurements? All would lessen the usefulness of the below formula.

Still, we appreciate the effort. Take a look at the formula below.

perfect grilled cheese formula

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