Perfect Pint Formula Devised By U.K. Pub Chain Taylor Walker

Booze Nerds Discover Formula For The Perfect Pint
frosty glass of light beer...
frosty glass of light beer...

U.K. pub chain Taylor Walker recently enlisted research group Mindlab to come up with a formula for the perfect pint, and the results are intriguing.

Mindlab factored in several things completely unrelated to taste, like surroundings, music volume of the venue in which the pint is consumed and the number of days before the drinker is required back at work.

Here's the final formula:

perfect pint formula

Researchers devised the formula after polling 1,000 volunteers from around the U.K., so we have to imagine this formula is region-specific. Mindlab determined that British drinkers enjoyed a pint best when they have more than two days before they're expected back at work, they're drinking with three or four friends, they have easy access to food and snacks, there's quiet music playing and the room temperature is 63.68°F (17.6°C).

Dr. David Lewis, director of research at Mindlab International provides more insights on the study's significance: "Ever since the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824 standardised the British pint at 568ml, brewers and scientists have been searching for the formula for the perfect pint," Lewis said.

Read Mindlab's full pint report here for more ideal drinking insights, and watch Lewis explain more about it in the video below.

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