This Is The Recipe For A Perfect Vacation, Apparently

This Is The Recipe For A Perfect Vacation, Apparently

We all strive for the perfect vacation, and our ideas of what makes a trip "perfect" are probably pretty similar.


Wrong, if a recent survey from Monarch Airlines has anything to say about it. The airline recently polled thousands of U.K. travelers to see what they considered the "perfect" vacation. We agree with some of their findings (most respondents, for example, said they'd ideally travel with their romantic partner), but some results seem just plain wacky (who wants to drink TEA upon arriving at a tropical hotel?!).

Is your idea of a "perfect" vacation the same as everyone else's "perfect" vacation? Compare your dream trip with the survey results below.

Perfect trip: 11 days long, in July

Perfect flight: 4.5 hours long

Perfect hotel: has a pool and all-night bar, is a seven-minute walk from the beach

Perfect beach read: "Game of Thrones"

Perfect airport transfer: 10-mile drive to hotel, via limousine

Perfect arrival drink: beer for men, tea for women

Perfect trip companion: your love interest or partner

Perfect attire: black bikini or blue swim trunks

Perfect trip soundtrack: "Someone Like You" by Adele, "Sun is Shining" by Bob Marley and "Club Tropicana" by Wham!

Perfect trip cost: about $1,025 per person (but in our opinion, "perfect" means free)

The Monarch survey comes at the same time as a study from Butlins holiday camps on what makes the "perfect" family vacation. The company -- along with a professional psychologist -- came up with a complex mathematical equation designed to concoct the ideal family vacation by balancing variables like "family interaction time" and "emotional expression."

The perfect day of family fun, according to their research, incorporates precisely 11 laughs, six cuddles and five kisses.

...we say it includes one beach.

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