This Is The Perfect Way To Eat A Burger

You'll never look back.

There's nothing more tragic than going for a big bite of a juicy burger and watching the patty slide out of the bun and the burger fall apart into a massive mess on your plate. The juices spatter, the cheese oozes one way and the lettuce goes another way. You're left with nothing but soaked hands and an empty mouth.

This is what it looks like right before disaster strikes:


Then it's burger-down and you're forced to shamefully pick up the broken pieces (of your soul) with a fork. Like this:


Watching your perfect burger disassemble can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, you can avoid this major life disappointment with one easy trick: Holding the burger correctly!

It's all about how you position your grip, and luckily, a Japanese TV show called Honma Dekka!? found the sweet spot. The show solicited experts in fluid mechanics, engineering and dentistry to figure out the perfect way to hold a burger.

Using a 3D scanner, they examined a burger down to the particles and considered what would happen if someone held a burger the typical way, with fingers on the top and thumbs underneath. We all know the ending.

After trying various grips, the researchers discovered the best way to avoid spillage. You place your thumbs and pinky underneath the burger, and your remaining fingers on top of the bun. You'll need both hands -- so make sure to put the burger down if you need a fry -- and you don't want to squeeze the burger too tight.

So that's a light but firm grip, pinkies and thumbs underneath the burger, and your remaining three fingers on top.

And now you can avoid this:

And get down with this:

blt burger

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