Perfect Your Workspace With These Products

Perfect Your Workspace With These Products
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Don’t let clutter in the space you work in distract you from the work at hand. As an entrepreneur, your best friend is often a notepad, computer and smartphone. Here’s a few more of my favorite go-to’s to up my productivity for the holiday season. Hey, it may look cool, but it’s not just a gift to yourself, it’s a productive gift to yourself.

ThinkBoard Premium XL—Don’t blow $500+ for a wall-sized durable wipe board when you can save hundreds with ThinkBoard, an adhesive wall white board that will help you brainstorm and feel like a kid again by writing all over the walls with your great, I’m going to rule the world ideas.

Cyanics iStick—Cyanics provides the platform for easy organization and storage on your home desk. With 4 USB hubs, foldable legs and keyboard storage, all of your supplies can fit neatly on your desk.

Rollocam—Whether it be personal or professional, projects involving photography and videography are greatly improved with the use of Rollocam, the world’s smallest motorized dolly that fits perfectly on your desk for all of your cinematic needs.

Hub27—The perfect wall-desk for a tight space, Hub27 is the ultimate wall mount organizer turned desk available on the market today. A cabinet by day, Hub27 will charge your devices and stow your paperwork with easy to access compartments. Then, when you’re ready to start hustling, simply pull down the desk and hook into place to create a workspace just perfect for a laptop and some paperwork. All of this with a sleek design and color that can be sure to fit in any home or office.

eero Home WiFi System—eero is the wifi every home needs, without any dead zones or laggy speeds. By creating a system of multiple access points, all you need is one eero connected to the modem, and power outlets for the rest. This cutting-edge True Mesh system is a sure-fire way to keep your home connected, whether that be for smart devices or smartphone users, eero makes sure that high ticketed high speed Internet cost is worth every penny.

Guidecraft Desk Organizer—Guidecraft makes one of the most versatile desk organizing solutions with its folding desk organizer, capable of holding office supplies, notebooks, and a filing system for important documents. With its 6 compartments and sturdy structure you can finally empty that office junk drawer into an organizer that works.

Atlas Wristband2—The Atlas Wristband tracks your workouts and fitness to learn and adapt to any exercise you choose, or any of the 100 pre-loaded exercises. By providing coaching and guided workouts, you never have to look too far to get a good work out in, no matter who cramped for time you are.

TStand—TStand is the perfect tablet stand to prevent neck and back strain, while enjoying your favorite content. The stand that will remove any pains of a tablet, TStand expands the user experience of any ordinary tablet, making people actually want to work off of an iPad.

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