Perfectly Imperfect

I think I must be flawed. I know God doesn't make mistakes but perhaps he was distracted when he was thinking me up. Maybe he figures, "What the heck, let's see how this one turns-out." I mean you have to wonder, if God is pure love, the essence of everything, surely he can make perfect. But when I look around, and look inside, I know that I and no one else is perfect. And at the risk of lightning, Jesus wasn't perfect. He had some of the failings of mankind. Perhaps that's why we don't have much about Him as a child. He must have been less than a perfect child. I think part of him becoming man was to help God understand what it was like to be human. He could have obviously just appeared in all of his majesty and the whole world would have believed. But that wasn't what He chose. Makes you wonder why.

But perhaps it is why we are not perfect. We know from the New Testament that Christ spent time in prayer about his human frailties. He was fearful of dying, of the burdens that had been placed upon him. He asked his Dad to pick someone else. "Why me" he wanted to know.

So if we accept that Jesus wasn't perfect, and perhaps could have been, then why do we set our goals on what was even impossible to Him? Does this mean we want to be better than Jesus? My faith says that we can strive to be God-like but we aren't gods. Seems to be a big contradiction.

God doesn't expect perfection. Although we should strive for being the best we can be, it is only our best that is expected. Nothing more and nothing less. Those expectations will never change, even when you make mistakes. Mistakes are expected and required.

Imperfect may in-fact be perfect.