This Hack For The Perfectly Shaped Fried Eggs Just Changed Breakfast Forever

This hack just changed breakfast forever.

Fried eggs should be easy, right? The perfectly cooked fried egg requires only a few basic necessities, like a non-stick pan and medium heat, and you're pretty much golden after that. You can follow some other techniques, like covering the pan halfway through to fully cook the whites, adding a few drops of water to the pan, or flipping the egg if you want eggs over-easy. As long as you avoid some simple mistakes, like dropping your eggs into the pan from too great a distance, you're bound to end up with some stellar eggs -- at least after a few breakfasts worth of practice.

While getting the perfectly cooked fried eggs might be easy, achieving the perfectly shaped fried egg is a different story. Forming a perfect disk in the pan isn't as easy as it sounds. Inevitably, the whites run this way or that, spreading out unevenly and leaving you with a less-than perfect circle when it comes time to slide the egg onto your plate. Leave it to Reddit to find a dead easy solution:

"Cook your eggs in onion rings for a perfectly shaped fried egg ready to go into a sandwich," advises Reddit user AOL_. (No affiliation with AOL the media company).

Yup. That's pretty much as easy as it gets.

As fried-egg freaks here at HuffPost Taste, we immediately put this food hack to the test after seeing it on Reddit and sharing a moment of collective jaw-drop. This Reddit user was right: It works like a charm. Not only does the white form a perfect disk inside the onion, but the sturdy onion ring makes flipping the egg so much easier. Whether you flip or not, this trick delivers.

fried egg onion ring

fried egg in onion

fried egg

You can either eat the onion with your egg or discard it, and this got us thinking: What other vegetables could you use to make fried eggs? Sure you can use a mason jar ring, but what's the fun in that? We tried using a pepper after seeing it done a few places, and while it resulted in a delicious egg and pepper combo, we found the pepper didn't hold up as well as the onion. What edible cases have you used to shape your fried eggs? If you have any recommendations, let us know! As Reddit user splatterhead commented on the onion ring trick, "This is cool, but I was more excited when I pictured this with breaded onion rings." We don't disagree.

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