Performa 13 Shingerview: RoseLee Goldberg

RoseLee Goldberg, founding director and curator of Performa, is a leader in the performance art space. I had the privilege of sitting down with her during the month of Performa to talk about her art background, her perspective on live performance and performance art, technology in the art world, and her motivations behind creating Performa.

"Artists are always the first one at the door, whatever is new in technology they will try it out, and they will actually mess it up," she said. "Artists add a human dimension to the technology as we understand it."

Human connection, technology, and art are as intwined for me, as they are for RoseLee. She has delighted, inspired, and educated the masses as both a professor and author of art history. Her vision behind Performa gives these artists the ability to actualize their artistic ambitions and entertain us all.