The Month Performance Art Took Over New York City

Mock United Nations meetings, plays enacted in sweaty bath houses, live performances based on the melting of glaciers. It's not difficult to notice that Performa, the biannual performance art festival founded by RoseLee Goldberg, has hit New York, bringing over 100 separate events to 40 individual venues across the city.

Performa 13 began on November 1, boasting big name artists like Rashid Johnson, Pedro Reyes and Joan Jonas. The three-week event is the only gathering of its kind, attracting figures from the vast realms of visual art, music, dance, poetry, fashion, architecture, graphic design, and the culinary arts.

In celebration of the many performance art happenings, we're tracking Performa 13 in a live blog that will run until the event's close on November 24. Watch out for articles, images, tweets and all things bizarre here. You can see a full calendar of performances here.