Performer Turned Educator Falls in Love with Teaching

Terry Eberhardt is the classic example of what can be described as an “accidental educator.” A music teacher at Howard County Public Schools in Maryland, Terry originally had his sights set on being a performer. Fortunately for his students, he received a parallel degree in education while simultaneously obtaining his degree in performance. When the competitive world of auditions turned out to be less than satisfying, Terry fell back on his education degree and discovered a love for teaching.

Terry believes artists who are focused on performance are natural communicators, which, in most cases, makes them natural teachers. The inherent extroverted nature of a performer lends itself to the interactive skills necessary to sharing musical and artistic knowledge with students.

Terry believes music education is vitally important. After all, it was his personal experience of participating in musical activities that motivated him to keep his grades up in all areas of education. He now has the pleasure of sharing his knowledge with his students, and it has been highly successful. In fact, his efforts led to a 2014 semi-finalist nomination for the Music Educator of the Year GRAMMY award - a fitting tribute to such a fine educator.

About Terry Eberhardt:

Terry Eberhardt's love of music began with his church choir and public school chorus. Terry was recruited to a prestigious local private high school on a music scholarship. It was there at DeMatha High School, performing in the chorus, where his love of singing blossomed. It was through the transformative experiences as a music student that he was inspired to share the gift of music with young people.

Upon completing his Bachelor’s of Music in Vocal Performance and Music Education from the Peabody Conservatory of Music and his Masters Degree in Opera Performance at The University of Maryland Opera Studio, Terry began his teaching career at the newly opened Shady Grove Middle School in Montgomery County where he taught general music, choir and developed the theater program. Terry quickly gained a regional reputation for excellence in choral education. In 2005 Terry established the choral program at Howard County’s newest high school, Marriotts Ridge. He has also served as President of the Maryland Choral Directors Association.

During his ten-year tenure at MRHS, his students earned numerous awards and accolades for their performances throughout the eastern United States. In 2008 he was recognized as the district wide Howard County Teacher of the Year. Terry continues to serve the professional music community through his work at local universities as a voice coach, as an adjudicator for numerous choral competitions, and as a performer and director in the religious community.

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