FYI, You Should Actually Be Putting Perfume In Your Belly Button

It may sound weird, but trust us.
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If you love to spritz on a signature scent, we have bad news for you: you’ve been doing it wrong.

You probably know to put perfume on your neck and wrists. That’s because these spots are known as “pulse points,” or areas where you can feel a heartbeat on your body. Body heat emanating from pulse points can intensify a fragrance. But there are several other points on your body that you’re probably missing. First up? Your belly button.

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Experts say your belly button is a prime location for fragrance. Its shape serves as a natural repository for scent, and your body heat will allow the scent to radiate. Celebs like Liv Tyler and Adriana Lima swear by this trick.

“I put little drops on my fingers and put some under my arms and in my belly button,” Tyler told Into The Gloss. “My dad taught me that—if you put it where you heat up, the smell stays with you.”

You can also apply perfume inside your elbows and behind your knees for a longer-lasting scent. Since your knees and elbows are constantly moving throughout the day, they generate a lot of heat. If you’re looking for an extra boost, try spraying a brush with perfume and running it through your hair. Your fragrance will cling to the strands.

And a final hot tip? Don’t rub your perfume in after you spray it. You may be used to rubbing your wrists together, but you should actually let the perfume dry on its own. The perfume’s top notes, or the scents you smell initially upon spraying, break down more quickly as you rub.

If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle of high-quality perfume, you should really make the most of it. Just a few strategically-placed dabs will have you smelling good all day.

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