Perfume Created For Pope Benedict XVI

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston may be the type of public figures expected to roll out their own signature scent. But that hasn't stopped Pope Benedict XVI from having an eau de cologne created for His Holiness, the Telegraph reports.

Created by Italian Silvana Casoli, the cologne is infused with lemon tree blossom and the smell of spring grass, conveying the Pope's love of nature and wildlife as well as peace and tranquility, according to the Irish Times.

Other celebrities the master perfumer has worked with include Sting, Madonna and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Unlike other perfumes, the scent won't be sold to the public and is to only be worn by the Pope, explains Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

This isn't the first Catholic scent to be created by Casoli. According to the Telegraph, she previously created two other colognes called "Water of Hope" and "Water of Faith" for the Roman Catholic Church.