Perils of Self-Illumination

In dark waters of the oceans, certain created beings generate their own illumination. This illumination is not borrowed from an external source but created from within the body of the being. Bioluminescent beings are not rare at the bottom of the seas. In fact, most created beings living in dark waters are bioluminescent. Self-generated light is critical for the survival of created beings living in the depth of darkness. Most self-glowing beings generate light of green and blue colors that can penetrate long stretches of darkness. This light is needed to search for food, attract sex-mates, and confuse predators. On all counts, therefore, self-generated light in the depth of darkness is the key to physical survival and species perpetuation. Light is also a weapon of self-defense.

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Self-generated light need not be permanent. In fact, permanent self-glowing is a giveaway to predators and it might be uninteresting for potential mates. A created being that cannot turn off self-illumination is in as much danger as is a created being that cannot turn on self-illumination. The created being must develop the ability to alternate between light and darkness for both survival and mating.

Darkness of a bioluminescent being signals hibernation, fatigue, need to rest, state of satiation, and disinterest in mating. Darkness also means that the created being perceives no danger to survival. Of course, darkness may pose danger if a predator can see in darkness. But if the predator is blind and needs light to attack, self-glowing invites threats to survival. However, the light emitted amidst invasion may also confuse the predator. In the battle for survival from predators, neither darkness nor light is any guarantee one way or the other. If the predator can see in darkness, light is irrelevant. If the predator is blind, light and darkness do not matter. If the predator can smell the scent of the bioluminescent being, light and darkness do not matter. If the predator is also self-illuminating, the battle between two luminescent beings turn into a more complex contest.

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God was living in absolute darkness and God was a hidden treasure. When God wished to reveal Himself, He said let there be light and there was light. The process of God's creativity is nothing but self-illumination. God created the heavens and the earth and whatever lies between them. God created angels, human beings, Jinn, and trillions of other species. Some created beings are bioluminescent. Moses stretched out his hand and it was illuminated for a nation enslaved. Edison democratized illumination for the poor leaving candles for the rich.
An artist living among barbarians, a social critic living under tyranny, a scientist living in the age of superstition, a prophet living among nonbelievers, a doubter living in faith communities, each has little option but to be a bioluminescent being. No creation is possible without self-illumination. Seeking outside light is deceptive, waste of time, misuse of energy, not critical to any act of creation. In fact, seeking light from an external source is the evidence of self-bankruptcy.

If communities are intolerant, bigoted, self-righteous, or ignorant, luminescent beings face danger. Unfortunately, all human communities are intolerant and only the degree of intolerance distinguishes one community from another. In all communities, therefore, luminescent beings are ridiculed, ostracized, tortured, and killed. Luminescent beings defy the darkness, bring fire from the bush, pioneer dangerous ideas, and in the process turn themselves into targets. Jesus, Gandhi, Malcolm, Lincoln, and many others were slain because their self-illumination was intolerable. Galileo renounced self-illumination to dodge the stake. Twain postponed for fifty years self-illumination in Letters from the Earth to prevent harm to his family. Oscar Wilde suppressed self-illumination, descended into the gutter, but kept looking at the stars.

Don't be fooled by the city of lights for even lighted structures, such as Trump Towers, could be the evidence of hidebound darkness. If you are feeling dark and down, look for a luminescent being. If you are a luminescent being, watch out the steps for darkness around you is replete with slayers and dragons.

This is an excerpt from the author's forthcoming book, Secrets of Beings.