Periodic TableWare Kickstarter Makes Us Feel Like Mad Scientists (VIDEO)

We're already planning our laboratory-themed dinner party.

Sometimes you want to drink a cocktail that feels scientifically significant. Back away from the liquid nitrogen, step toward Periodic Tableware. This Kickstarter project by industrial designer, fabricator and machinist, Marshall Jamshidi, seeks to combine the form of laboratory glass with the function of barware.

We are drawn to this idea for a lot of reasons. First, they look gorgeous and already have us planning a mad scientist-themed cocktail party. But also, they give us the ability to drink out of laboratory tools (which we all have always kind of wanted to do) without the risk that they ever held anything harmful or toxic or disgusting.

The Periodic TableWare Kickstarter only has a few days left. So if you are keen to own a set, head over to the Kickstarter page to donate.

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