'Perls Of Knowledge' From University Of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman Are Not To Be Missed

WATCH: This Chancellor Is Funnier Than Your Chancellor (And You, Too)

As people climb the academic ladder, they have less and less face time with the very students they're charged with guiding on the path of life -- or flicking in the forehead now and again. Perhaps that's why University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman has created "Perls of Knowledge," a hilarious series of videos in which he informs students of things they should probably already know.

The effect is like jamming the funniest things grandpa has ever said into 30 seconds. (In my case, that's hard. He was a principal who beaned kids in dodgeball at recess to relieve stress.) Think "Sh*t My Chancellor Says" but on YouTube.

Here's Perlman on why the Nebraska Cornhuskers aren't always in fields of corn.

Here he is struggling with the phrase YOLO.

Now he's simply chilly.

On the news biz!

On skateboarding professors' impact on national prestige.

You smiled, so just watch him smile!

On the appeal of Crocs:

How snow would affect U.S. News & World Report rankings:

And finally -- Angry Birds!

The point is: The guy just gets it.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the series as "Perls of Wisdom" rather than "Perls of Knowledge.

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