Permaculture Action Course With Lucidity Festival 2015


Lucidity Festival in Santa Ynez, California is quickly becoming one of the most unique gatherings in the festival world. Occurring on the same weekend as the massively commercial Coachella in Indio, Lucidity offers a festival for those who seek a more enriching experience. With a lineup that makes the underground music community salivate and plenty of yoga and workshops to nurture the body and mind, those who attend Lucidity party with purpose.

In addition to all that Lucidity has to offer, they are also taking part in the educational program, Permaculture Action Course. The permaculture movement is growing quickly and has a very strong presence in the transformational festival community. Permaculture is a type of environmental design that is modeled by the paradigm of natural ecosystems. It boasts sustainability through architecture, habitat and agriculture by utilizing more waste and wasting less. Inspired by The Polish Ambassador's successful "Pushing Through The Pavement Tour," this education program is revolutionizing the way the world lives.


The three day intensive course from April 6th-8th includes an introduction to the permaculture design process, rainwater harvesting and earthworks, natural building and appropriate technology, regenerative tools and techniques, permaculture gardening and food forestry, soils and composting, ecological principles, as well as social permaculture and community organizing methods. Learning these methods are giving us hope for a brighter, cleaner and more regenerative world. Following the three day event on April 9th is Permaculture Action Day hosted by eco-preneur The Polish Ambassador. It is an open-to-the-public volunteer program that encourages festival goers to arrive a day early and give back to the world that already offers us so much. In late Februray, a Permaculture Action Day was also hosted in Costa Rica before the legendary Envision Festival. These action days, of which there are many, donate their hearts and energy to local communities, transforming, educating, and engaging with the people and environment. Lucidity's Action Day will take place at 3-4 sites in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

David Sugalski, who is better known as The Polish Ambassador, has poured his soul into the growth of permaculture, integrating his music into a rewarding and regenerative lifestyle. Our minds are more receptive to the combination of music and education. From a young age, we are taught with songs, retaining more information when it is paired with a melody. Can you imagine our alphabet any other way? While The Polish Ambassador isn't necessarily educating to the tunes of his funky tracks, his music plants a seed in the minds of many. When this seed is paired with the nourishing waters of education and permaculture, a flourishing mind will grow. While David Sugalski is not actually the Ambassador to Poland, he is a spiritual diplomat who is changing the world, one seed at a time.

Following the Permaculture Action Day is Lucidtiy Festival, the main event, a beautiful gathering of brilliant minds all converging for one common purpose: to unite. From April 10th-13th, in Santa Ynez, California, the oak trees will rustle with joy as the people of Lucidity will return to their forest. Brought together by music, educated by powerful minds, nurtured by visionary art, and bonded by humanity at its most enlightened, Lucidity Festival is as vast as it is intimate, as collective as it is diverse. Pairing the genius of permaculture with the brilliance of Lucidity is a perfect marriage of love, respect, trust, and kindness. It will take many hands to rebuild our planet, but even one hand can plant a seed of change. Imagine what all of our hands can do...


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