Permission to Leap {Amy Birks}

Welcome to Permission to Leap - a podcast exploring the stories of people who have brought their visions to life. Each week, I will speak to an inspiring guest and navigate the process they took to take the leap in their own lives, from the day that they first committed to the day they landed on the other side. Permission to Leap is the spark that will push you to believe in your dreams again and make them your reality. Today’s guest is Amy Birks.

You know how mission-driven entrepreneurs are constantly overwhelmed by a million opportunities to invest time, energy and dollars, to help them get the results they really want? And they keep investing in tools, support and resources only to find that they weren’t the RIGHT tools, support, and resources at the time, or, even worse, that they didn’t deliver on the results they promised? Well, Amy Birks, The Strategy Ninja, has figured out a way to help purposeful entrepreneurs find exactly what they need, exactly when they need it AND know the exact steps to follow so they can shortcut their results, have fun growing their businesses, and eliminate every ounce of hustle along the way.

In life and business, there is a very alluring trap - the busy/hustle trap. It sucks you in and convinces you of how you’re not doing enough, you need to be doing more, you need to be being more, and you need more, more, more. The problem with this mindset is you will never be enough - what you do, what you say, who you are, how you show up is never enough.

In this episode, Amy breaks down how her biggest leap was actually to start doing less. Instead of working harder, she began working smarter. By implementing alignment into her business, she was able to make a bigger impact, in less time and with less effort. We also discuss the concept of flow and what to do when your brain starts to convince you that it’s too easy.

Thank you again for joining me for another fantastic episode of Permission to Leap. If you’re looking to take your next big leap, be sure to check out my book that guides you through the 6-phases of the leap process at My book will support you in moving through YOUR leap with more clarity and ease. Because there needs to be more people like you living an inspired life and making a positive difference in the world.

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