Permission to Leap {Jessica Tang}

Welcome to Permission to Leap - a podcast exploring the stories of people who have brought their visions to life. Each week, I will speak to an inspiring guest and navigate the process they took to take the leap in their own lives, from the day that they first committed to the day they landed on the other side. Permission to Leap is the spark that will push you to believe in your dreams again and make them your reality. Today’s guest is Jessica Tang.

Jessica May Tang is a holistic healer for people who currently live with chronic pain. She supports her clients in uncovering the root causes of their pain and healing on a deeper level to attract more love, peace, and joy in their lives.

In this episode we talk about investing in yourself. Debt is a tricky subject in our culture - we’re taught that it’s ok to go into debt for college, and cars, and homes…. Yet we’re actively discouraged from accumulating debt other kinds of investments (particularly coaching, business growth, etc.), when in fact, this kind of debt is less of a “spend” and more of an investment.

Think about it - we spend ten’s of thousand’s of dollars on cars that lose their value instantaneously as we drive off the lots. But when we look at investing in training to make us better humans or entrepreneurs or CEO’s, we’re discouraged because there isn’t:

1. A tangible product that we receive in exchange

2. There is no guarantee of results from our investment

Jessica shares with us the leap she took in committing to a 5-figure coaching program, the faith that she employed to trust her decision, who she has become in the process, and how she ended up paying off her entire investment just 6 short weeks after her training concluded.

Thank you again for joining me for another fantastic episode of Permission to Leap. If you’re looking to take your next big leap, be sure to check out my book that guides you through the 6-phases of the leap process at My book will support you in moving through YOUR leap with more clarity and ease. Because there needs to be more people like you living an inspired life and making a positive difference in the world.

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