Persian Princess' Malibu Home For $5.7 Million

We recently wrote about a LA house built for a beauty queen and owned by an Internet king, and now we've found a Malibu home built for a princess.

This house in the Malibu Colony community was built for a "Persian princess," according to an email its owner sent to Curbed LA. An educated guess about its 1978 construction places it under the ownership of Shanaz Pahlavi, the Shah's first daughter. Since then, the current occupant says, it has been owned by two other families.

So what did all that Iranian government money get Ms. Pahlavi? First of all, the home, built by an engineering company called Vincent Kevin Kelly and Associates, uses compressed, curved wooden beams that run from the front to the back of the house. This swanky '70s feature is highlighted by light-hued wood and stone floors and an edgy spiral staircase. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as two fireplaces. While the cedar sauna is a nice touch, it's outshined by the home's spacious deck, which hovers above the sands of the Pacific.

The 2,948-square-foot, two-story house is listed at $5.7 million by the Sheltr Group. Photos by Michael McNamara are provided courtesy of the official listing.

Persian Princess Malibu Pad