Person Records Neighbors Having Sex, Shares With Internet (EXPLICIT AUDIO)

As popular as pornography is, it's somewhat surprising how universally annoying people find hearing others having sex.

This is especially true when one's neighbors don't extend the common courtesy of closing their windows.

As Gizmodo notes, one person has found a passive aggressive, but potentially effective way to prevent their neighbors from doing the naughty all night. They posted an audio recording of the sex on Reddit.

"Bahahah This was probably me at some point in time," said one Reddit commenter. "Ashamed to admit it."

"This is awesome. I hope they keep it down next time dude," raves another.

The audio recording isn't the first of its kind to make its way onto the Internet.

It's also not nearly as depraved as the guy who posted a YouTube clip of himself performing various challenges that he had to complete before his neighbors finished having sex. When he failed at one challenge, he tased himself, Buzzfeed reported.

Still, the latest neighbor fornication audio is EXPLICIT, so listen below with caution.