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Personal Blogging Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Personal blogging is not just about me, the writer. It's also about the reader. Egoistic as it might be to some people (and yes it could be), there is no harm in sharing your experiences with the world.
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The Internet is rife with articles about how blogging is revolutionizing the world. This is a good one -- "How blogs changed everything" by Scott Rosenberg.

So instead of wasting Internet space to explain something that has been thoroughly said and understood, I am just going to do what I do best as an anonymous diary blogger--talk about my ideas.

Please hear me out before you dismiss this as a lame, narcissistic, piece-of-trash article.

I have been reading blogs narrating how personal bloggers like I am are "weird, deluded and a bit mental" and that our only aim is to either gain some sympathy or fool the world into thinking we are fantastically interesting, busy, popular people who are constantly doing something incredible that people just have to read about. Or both. I think we, personal bloggers, are just gravely misheard.

First of all, nobody's forcing you to read anyone's shit and therefore has no right to complain about whatever we do in our personal space.

Second, isn't it quite meta and hypocritical that someone would post an opinion blog about how they hate people who blog about their personal opinions?

So instead of eating up time and beating each other's arguments to the ground, just allow me to give you an insight about how personal blogging can be quite a pleasant and a satisfying experience.

Personal blogging does not require you to become an expert at anything but your life. We're all experts at our own lives, and sometimes we have experiences that are universal that would bring like-minded people together. We share these experiences on a personal blog in the hopeful attempt to reach out and make other people who are going through the same thing a little less alone.

And aside from the fact that personal blogging has improved my writing skills, I also find it to be cathartic. It is a very healthy way to vent out negative thoughts and emotions instead of creating conflicts or sitting back and pretending that nothing is bothering me.

But the most interesting and rewarding experience that personal blogging has provided me is it made me feel more connected with my own self and got me a better grasp of my own feelings. It is very therapeutic and has given me an insight about myself and my life. I have been blogging for more than eight years and it has led me to nothing but better self-understanding, improvement and reflection.

People may think it is a waste to time to read a personal blog, and that the blogger is apparently a hardcore quality narcissist. In what world would you enjoy their narcissistic fits? Am I right?

Well, the truth is despite our best effort to be our most unique selves, we have to admit that it always gives us a little feeling of happiness whenever we find someone who feels the same way and experiences the same things that we do. People who have gone through something same as us.

And that tiny spark of happiness that I give out to my very few readers each time they enter comments like "That is so true" or "OMG! You, too!" is why I will probably never cease personal blogging and why other personal bloggers shouldn't as well.

Personal blogging is not just about me, the writer. It's also about the reader. Egoistic as it might be to some people (and yes it could be), there is no harm in sharing your experiences with the world.

Just like any other forms of blogging, personal blogging deserves the credit it is due. It is for this reason that I would like to thank Bloggys for recognizing personal bloggers all over the Philippines and nominating my personal, anonymous blog for this year's Philippine Blogging Awards!

Knowing how many talented bloggers the Philippines has, being nominated and invited to attend their gala night as a guest of honor is in itself already a huge recognition.


To those who are not familiar, Bloggys is the country's premiere blog awarding event that aims to hunt the World Wide Web for the finest Filipino bloggers and sustain the legacy of distinguishing them through various niches and industries across the nation.

To learn more, click here.

And as much as I would like to link my blog here so people can vote it for the People's Choice award, I would rather preserve its relative anonymity... unless I win an award in which case, fuck it.